Gasoline Multifunctional Detergent Additives

The presence of even small amounts of depositions in the fuel system or in the combustion chamber may lead to malfunction of the engine, its initial setting and deviations from the optimal composition of the fuel mixture. Deposition sources by fuel combustion are gasoline itself, lubricating oil, crankcase and exhaust gases.

The formation of depositions on these items leads to:

— Deterioration of engine controllability (contaminated inlet system prevents the maintenance of the optimal composition of the fuel-air mixture, and as a result, uneven burning). The engine shows great demands on RON especially under heavy loads;

— An increase in fuel consumption;

— Improving the content of pollutants in the exhaust gases;

— Shorten the operating life of the engine.

The usage of detergent additives effectively solves these problems. The operating principle of the following detergents:

-They form in the inlet system of the engine a protective film that prevents the accumulation of depositions inside the inlet system;

— Ensure the purity of the fuel nozzle;

— Remove existing depositions

In addition, corrosion inhibitor, that is included in the additive package, prevents fuel lines corrosion, storage tanks and fuel lines. The cleaning ability is the «key» which improves the quality of fuel in the presence of additives.

BASF has a wide range of multi-functional additive package brand Keropur, allowing effectively clean the inlet system of the engine and prevent the formation of depositions in them. Keropur additive packages are available both to gasoline and to diesel fuels.

The main component of Keropur additive packages for gasoline is a combination of detergent based on polyisobutylene and carrier oil, which provides cleaning properties. Besides, the package also includes other additives, allowing the complex to improve the operational and environmental properties of the fuel, such as corrosion inhibitors and demulsifiers and dyes, markers, and fragrances.

The most effective combination of additives are selected for different fuels depending on the composition and requirements of the customer . As the latest development, BASF’s Keropur package can be incorporated by anti-wear additive for gasoline. Detergents BASF may also provide the effect of «cleaning», if they are added to the increased concentration. In this case, they are able to remove already formed depositions.

Using the optimal amount of detergent additives allows to achieve cleaning of the inlet system after several thousand kilometers of the car mileage. Ensuring complete cleaning of the valves is hardly possible, but the formation of deposits can be reduced to a negligible level.

We offer such comprehensive (detergent) additives to gasoline:

Keropur 3458 N

Keropur 3638

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